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WETconnect for Educators

Whether you’re distance learning or teaching in the classroom, WETconnect can help. This digital experience provides interactive e-books, videos, and hands-on lessons correlated to educational standards. Designed to integrate seamlessly into any curriculum, WETconnect makes it easy to incorporate environmental education while teaching any subject: science, math, social studies, even art and language arts!

Educator Options

Climate Training Pack

Project WET's hands-on, science-based Climate, Water & Resilience curriculum helps educators feel confident addressing climate change in the classroom and beyond. With this training pack, you'll receive the Climate, Water & Resilience educator guide in both digital and print formats, 1 year of access to a self-paced, independent virtual climate training on WETconnect, and 1 year of access to all other resources on WETconnect.

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Students and Classrooms

Your students will love using the interactive resources on WETconnect. Assign hands-on lessons and interactive eBooks with assessments and activities built in to each one.

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Get ready to teach in a post-pandemic era with hands-on lessons available for in-person, virtual or distance learning experiences.

It makes my job so much easier, and I can serve my students better, no matter where I am or where they are.

Kathryn Vaughn, Tennessee Educator

WETconnect lessons give students such a great opportunity for hands-on learning! The focus is water education, yet I love that they are interdisciplinary and allow students to work at their own pace asynchronously.

Kelly Kazmirchuk, California Educator

It's nice having access to so many ideas all in one place. It [WETconnect] was a good balance of providing features for both teachers and students and stayed true to the Project WET I know and love.

Anonymous, Project WET Educator